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Prime Design™ Ladder Racks

Prime Design™ Rotational Design Ladder Racks allow ergonomic loading and unloading of ladders, reducing stress and injuries for workmen and women. One person can load the ladders without damaging the vehicle. Prime Design™ racks also offer bases and clamps and a variety of equipment for all types of vans, trucks, and specialty purpose vehicles.

Rotational Ladder Rack

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ProTech Truck Tool Boxes

ProTech Aluminum Cross Body Boxes feature smooth or diamond-plate aluminum lids at no additional charge. Dual lid styles can be accessed from either driver or passenger side. Single lids can be fitted with slave lock, dual locks or our new tandem t-lock mechanism. Mounting kits are available to secure the box in the truck bed. All weather-proof boxes for the professional.

Truck Boxes


System One Modular Truck Equipment

Industrial Quality Equipment for Professional Contractors

Enclosed Body Racks utilize the Surface-mount I.T.S. Brackets.  This is the same I.T.S. configuration used for pick-up trucks, vans and therefore allows the easy installation of the Work Winch tie-down system.  Contractor Rigs are available in lengths from 8 feet to 15 feet and usually have 5 cross members, although more or fewer may be used.  Ladder Glide inserts are installed on all cross members.  The width is variable so specify distance required from outside to outside of surface-mount I.T.S. Brackets.  Depending on the roof structure, Utility Traks may or may not be needed.

System One Truck Racks


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